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Modified 20 June 2006

With the U.S. military campaign against Iraq in the spring of 2003, much of this section (which was pretty much just for and against Saddam Hussein) became historical.

The Coalition Provisional Authority is the post-Hussein authority in Iraq in the initial rebuilding stages: The domain is registered to the U.S. Defense Technical Information Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, on 17 June 2003, as per the Sam Spade domain analysis web page.

These groups were listed as against the Saddam Hussein regime. They may remain active and become part of the new regime.

Jaish Abi Baker -- has videos indicating activity in Iraq, includes "brigades" with names like "Sulemain Abu Ghaith" and "Osama bin Laden":

Uruknet seems to be an anti-US-occupation Italian based site:

Uruklink had been the late-Saddam-era government ISP, and is now the "State Company for Internet Services":

Until things are sorted out, see the Kurdistan section.

Historical (pre-April-2003):

Map of Iraq.

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