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Somalia (and Somaliland)

Modified 17 Aug 2005

Somaliland, the northern half of the country, facing the Gulf of Aden, has declared independence. Not yet recognized internationally, but reasonably stable and the only effective government anywhere in Somalia.

Puntland, the north-eastern tip of the Horn of Africa, has similarly announced independece, though with far less attention and success.

The Transitional National Goverment (TNG) was founded in 2000, but so far it has only been able to control a part of the city of Mogadishu, not including the port or the airport.

Radio Waaberi is a radio program aimed at listeners in Somalia (and especially Somaliland). From their website: Waaberi Broadcasting Services (Radio Waaberi) was incorporated on April 18, 2005 in the State of California [U.S.] [....] Waaberi Broadcasting Services is nonprofit, nongovernmental international communication service broadcasting from overseas in Somali via shortwave to East Africa and the Middle East and of course via the internet to the worldwide diaspora." Buying just 30 minutes of transmitter time per week, 1330-1400 UTC Friday via Juelich, Germany, on 17550 kHz.

I would say that the below groups are against the current government, but if you look at the U.S. State Department's traveler advisories for Somalia (summary: ``Don't go''), you'll see that there really doesn't seem to have been a national Somali government since 1991. Said Barre's brutal rule lasted 1969-1991, since then it has been even more brutal clan-based warfare.

Map of Somalia.

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