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This list of system administration commands is really a one-page summary of all the commands we use in the course.

System Administration Commands

Here's how to upgrade through RHEL/CentOS 5–6–7, organized by the course chapters.

How to upgrade Red Hat / CentOS 5–6–7

My main Linux page is a collection of links to several pages on Linux and related Unix-family topics. Some of them are especially related to the course:

Chapter 3 covers (briefly) Rsyslog. This page explains how to set up authenticated and encrypted TLS connections to a central log collector. For good measure, it also explains how to do that in Amazon's AWS/EC2 cloud service.

Chapter 5 is about storage. This page explains how to set up encrypted file systems. It also adds how to do it in the cloud.

Also in chapter 5, we talked about LVM or Logical Volume Management. Red Hat's installer prefers one large root file system based on LVM. Here's how to rescue a disassembled system with an LVM root file system when you have lost track of which physical disk is which.

Chapters 8 and 12 are about networking and some kernel details, respectively. This page provides some suggestions on how to tune the kernel for better security and performance.

In chapter 12 we build and install a new kernel. This page explains how to build and install a kernel, with a few more details that we just don't have time to also cover in the course.