Harbor in Höfn, Iceland.

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Random Thoughts on Various Topics

I'm Bob, I have this site on a broad mix of topics including travel, Linux and other open-source projects, cybersecurity, and networking, plus an entire other website containing oddly specialized travel pictures and commentary.

This collection of essays or musings or rants or what-not will include content related to those topics, and content without an obvious home on either site.

Cybersecurity certifications require annual "continuing education" or "contributions to the industry", and a "professional blog" counts. Blame the greedy companies selling certifications, because they impose these requirements hoping that you will pay them for annual training courses.


Cybersecurity Certifications are Unfair
Cybersecurity certifications are not a fair test of knowledge, let alone skill. They have an illusion of relevance and meaning, making more money for the certifying companies.


What's Up With My Social Media Postings?
I have an automated Mastodon identity that posts numerous factoids of widely varying relevance. What's going on?.