Harbor in Höfn, Iceland.

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Random Thoughts on Various Topics

I'm Bob, I have this site on a broad mix of topics including travel, Linux and other open-source projects, cybersecurity, and networking, plus an entire other website containing oddly specialized travel pictures and commentary.

This collection of essays and musings and rants and what-not will include content related to those topics, and content without an obvious home on either site.

Cybersecurity certifications require annual "continuing education" or "contributions to the industry", and a "professional blog" counts. Blame the greedy companies selling certifications, because they impose these requirements hoping that you will pay them for annual training courses.


Which Programming Language Should I Learn?
Someone asked me, "Which programming language should I learn?" It depends on what you want to do.


What's Up With My Social Media Postings?
I have an automated Mastodon identity that posts numerous factoids of widely varying relevance. What's going on?.


How Not to Get a Job
In which I stumbled into a teaching job through mistaken identity, with the involvement of a doomsday cult.