Cybersecurity Basics:
Staying Safe Online

How To Stay Safe Online

The Internet is a dangerous place. Criminal gangs steal and sell credit card numbers and banking details. "Crypto-locker" attacks take away all your personal data and demand payment to restore it. Email and Facebook accounts are hijacked, and on and on.

This series of pages aims to be a "just enough" starting point. Basic, easy, important steps that anyone could use to improve their security on the Internet.

Yes, there are sophisticated and complex defenses, but start with these basics. I do consulting work and I write and teach training courses for U.S. government agencies and their contractors, and I tell them the complicated parts. This isn't for them.

The most important parts appear first. This is a long series of pages, I know that few people will read the entire thing. The further you go through these suggestions, the better, so let's start with the most important and practical defenses.

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