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Modified 30 May 2005

Quoting from Ft Bragg's great threat information resource at ``In the past 18 months nearly 4,000 people of both faiths [Christianity and Islam]have been killed in sectarian violence across the Malukus, a remote archipelago known as the Spice Islands during Dutch colonial times. Animosity between Christians and Muslims has been stoked by an influx of Muslims from other parts of the country'' [07/24/2000] and ``Thousands of security personnel have been deployed to end the unrest in Maluku but have been unable, or unwilling, to do so. Both sides accuse the police and army of incompetence and joining the fighting in the islands'' [07/17/2000] and ``Over the past 18 months more than 3,000 Christians and Muslims have been killed in a bloodbath of sectarian violence in Maluku and North Maluku Provinces, the former Moluccas or Spice Islands. Street battles, rampaging mobs, arson and sniper attacks all have involved extremists of both faiths and government troops assigned to maintain peace allegedly have been either too afraid to intervene or have taken sides.'' [07/14/2000]

Map of Indonesia.

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