Update Your Router

Install Firmware Updates


If you purchased the router you use to connect to the Internet, keep it up to date. This is part of basic cybersecurity. Outdated router firmware is an invitation to the hackers!

If your ISP provides your router, they probably maintain it, but make certain.

If you register your router, the vendor should send you a message when a firmware update is available. Yes, they will also send a weekly reminder that you should buy more of their products, but you may be able to opt out of the non-security email messages.

The router status page may show that an update is available, but then how often do we really look at the status page? Here's the notice on my router, look at the purple bar near the top:

Status page of a Netgear router that needs a firmware update.

I have clicked the button to start the download. Notice that the current (outdated) firmware version is V1.1.0.86_1.0.1. The router is checking with Netgear headquarters.

A Netgear router is checking with headquarters to see what firmware update is available.

Here's what it found. An upgrade from V1.1.0.86 to V1.1.0.100 fixes five security issues! I want those fixes! I will click "Yes".

A Netgear router has found a firmware update.

It also check for added languages for the graphical user interface. I'm already using English, which is what I want.

The router is downloading the update:

A Netgear router is downloading firmware update.

Now it starts installing it:

A Netgear router is installing a firmware update.

It says "about 3 minutes". That's probably an over-estimate. Within that time it has installed the new firmware and rebooted the router. That ended my session, so the page stopped updating.

Try to reload the page, and it says your session is expired. Login again, and now it looks like this. Notice that there's no mention of an available update, and the version has changed from V1.1.0.86_1.0.1 to V1.1.0.100_1.0.1:

Status page of a Netgear router that has just gone through a firmware update.

Find how to enable automated updates on your router. On this R6220 Netgear router you go to the Advanced tab, then select Firmware Update and look for the button to enable automated firmware updates.

Enabling automated updates on a Netgear router.