Surface-mount circuit board NC2030.

Amateur Radio — KC9RG

Amateur Radio

Amateur radio includes HF QRP operation — low-power but still long-distance two-way communication on the high-frequency bands using CW or continuous-wave signalling. In other words, Morse Code getting through when voice modes simply cannot, with a lot of kilometers per watt.

What's on the air? Refer to my overviews of the radio spectrum, tables of frequencies used by all the different services, and a list of powerful medium-wave AM broadcast stations that can be received across much of North America and beyond.

Many amateur radio operators use FM repeaters on the 144–148 and 420–450 MHz bands, colloquially referred to by approximate wavelength as 2 meters and 70 centimeters. I have some modifications for some of the older Icom transceivers.

Speaking of working on things, maybe you want to build some oscilloscope test probes or repair a Tektronix 2445A oscilloscope. Or fabricate circuit boards, wind toroidal inductors and transformers, or other design and construction projects.