Steel pan music school at the Flabej Ensemble in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Traveling and Working in the Caribbean


Trinidad flag

Let's visit Trinidad! I went to Trinidad to do some Linux/Unix security work for TSTT, or Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago, the T&T telecom company.

It was a short job and unfortunately I had to return very soon after the job was done due to a following work commitment. I was just in north-western Trinidad, mostly in Port of Spain, and not in Tobago at all.

I get the idea from what I've seen that many of the people who go to Trinidad and Tobago stay within their resort compounds, mostly on Tobago.

I was interacting exclusively with the locals. I didn't see another American until I returned to the airport to fly out. I think that gave me a much better visit.

The Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago was very helpful for planning my trip.

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CIA map of Trinidad and Tobago.
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