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Quick Reference — Specific Gravity and Densities

Specific Gravity and Densities

I have seen two formulas for calculating percentage alcohol by volume based on the change in specific gravity (Δ s.g.). The first is from the standard reference "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing":

%ethanol = 127*(Δ s.g.)

The other is from the Cooper's brewing supply company:

%ethanol = 0.5 + 134.05*(Δ s.g.)

The second of those seems to produce more realistic numbers.

Beer brewing: hydrometer measurement of specific gravity.

Measuring specific gravity with a hydrometer.

The density of dextrose is 0.62 grams/cm3.
This is from the powderandbulk.com reference site.

The density of honey is 1.36 grams per milliliter:
1 liter = 1360 grams
0.736 liter = 1000 grams