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Why Do They Keep Contacting Me?

I'm just a guy who has taken lots of pictures of other people's plumbing. But somehow my Toilets of the World collection of pages has convinced a lot of people that I am a vendor of plumbing equipment. This goes way beyond the usual nonsense of Chinese companies spamming the world with their misspelled industrialia.

Subject: 12 main items ( 9B )


E-mail   :

Our Ref.: 12 main items (9B)            13th Oct. 2002

Dear Sir,

We can get the follow good quality products which made

A01   man garment
A02   lady garment
C02   foodstuff machine
D02   traveling bus
D05   carring truck
D06   saloon car
D11   fire truck series
D14   drumper
E01   yacht and speed boat
E02   oil tanker
E04   submarine vessel
E08   treading boat
L04   F-series triplex mud pumps
M02   Aerospace equipment
[ and on and on, the rest of this deleted... ]

No, this page is about people who insist that they want me to sell something to them, even when they have found me through a collection of pages that clearly state that I do nothing of the sort.

I usually send them a bid or a proposal or a quote, although I doubt they find most of them very useful. Click below to see the correspondence.

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