Entry gate at a temple in Japan.

Networking Haikus

TCP/IP Haikus

I was in Japan working on a networking project, and it seemed that some traditional Japanese culture was needed.

Unfortunately, it was up to me.

This is poetry in the same sense that playing a piano with a hammer is music. Enjoy!

Read the header.
Very careful attention.
All else is payload.
Ethernet cable
must be wired correctly or
frame errors will rule.
rules for communication
on modern networks.
OSI Model.
Nice academic theory.
Not too practical.
ARP finds MAC address.
Needed for delivery
across local link.
Ethernet switches
compartmentalize traffic
on a busy LAN.
then IP, then TCP.
Why all these checksums?
Netmask says: Split here.
Net ID, host ID. Two
parts of the address.
Route with net ID.
Where is the next hop router?
Or default gateway?
IP version six
uses MAC address.
Fragment offset says,
"Put this here, more is to come."
Ah, reassembly.
To you, to me, to
you, to me, to you, to me,
it's a routing loop.
Multicast IP,
powerful if your routers
speak IGMP.
Destination is
unreachable. Mystery
solved, ICMP.
Circuit is reliable.
Stop now. FIN, FIN, ACK.
Advertise windows
if you have memory so
TCP goes fast.
Urgent pointer? I
do not care. Non-compliant
Domain Name System,
what is IP for this name?
Or, name for IP?
A strange name for a domain!
What is my real name?
SOA record,
so many cryptic numbers
adjusting timeouts.
Japanese art form,
abused by engineer for
examples at work.
First, five syllables.
Second line has seven more.
The last line has five.