UNIX / Linux command-line interface.

Background for Course 1901 Capstone

Background: You need to know this

Easiest: 11.3

You need these running:
Server2012R2 (DNS/NFS/CIFS server, it's at,
11.3server (this is broken!)

We have an old application, written for an earlier version of Linux. It is stored on a central NFS server:
and there's also CIFS service if that's easier:

However, we have reformatted and upgraded our servers. Resulting problems:

Middle: 11.1

You need these running:
Server2012R2 (DNS server),
11.1client (use this for testing),
11.1server (this is broken!)

11.1client works fine.

Web site should be at:
and artwork.course.1901.local should be at

The genius has:

Hardest: 11.2

The server suffered a catastrophic power failure while writing to disk during a kernel upgrade. So:

Background: What you need to know

Hints: These can help you