UNIX / Linux command-line interface.

Hints for Course 1901 Capstone

Hints: These tell you how to fix things

Easiest: 11.3

  1. NFS is probably easiest, no passwords needed.
  2. Mount on 113server in some appropriate location like /opt/oldprogram. That would go in /etc/fstab or automounter for a permanent fix. Ensure file permissions are applied correctly on the mount command line.
  3. Try and run oldprogram. It is a 32-bit program.
  4. Ensure +x for execute is set. (Needs write access to NFS directory.)
  5. Install compat libraries. In this case it is simple, we only need to install glibc*.i686 and dependencies with yum.

Middle: 11.1

  1. Web access to http://artwork.course1901.local ( should work
  2. So, IP address needs to be correct on server (
  3. 11.1server needs to have the web site directories relabled with SELinux (or move them back to /var/www).
  4. Firewall needs a hole for httpd on port 80.
  5. The keyboard is set to Swedish, which may be a problem in the rest of the world…


  1. 11.1server needs to be rejoined to the domain, so that unixuser@COURSE1901.local can log on and maintain the website.
  2. realm join
  3. ldap_id_mapping = False in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
  4. And the incorrect local unixuser in /etc/passwd (and shadow) and the incorrect group (513) needs to be removed so the AD mapping works.

Hardest: 11.2

  1. Start rescue from DVD. Luckily the LVM signatures are not gone, so the rescue scripts should be able to find the VG and LVs.
  2. Active the VG with vgchange –a y .
  3. xfs_repair /dev/rhel/root on the root file system (cannot be mounted).
  4. mount /dev/rhel/root /mnt/sysimage (will replay journal).
  5. unmount.
  6. xfs_repair once more.
  7. Check that the file system looks ok.
  8. Possibly the easiest is then to reboot in rescue mode once more.
  9. chroot /mnt/sysimage
  10. Format /dev/sda1 and mount it as boot (hints are in /mnt/sysimage/etc/fstab).
  11. rpm –Va
    Check for any corrupt packages.
  12. Reinstall corrupt packages: Kernel and grub needs to be reinstalled,
  13. initramfs needs to be rebuilt.
  14. A new grub.cfg needs to be generated.
  15. Active swap LV: lvchange –a y /dev/rhel/swap
  16. mkswap /dev/rhel/swap
    To initialize it with swap signature.
  17. Reboot and test.

Background: What you need to know

Hints: These can help you