Mound A, the largest mound at the Angel Mounds settlement near today's Evansville, Indiana.


Prehistoric Earthworks Travel Suggestions

The eastern U.S. has several prehistoric earthwork sites. Unlike the megaliths of Europe and East Asia, these become overgrown with vegetation and their once-distinct shapes fade. But once you appreciate what they are, they can become quite impressive.

Nonsensical pseudoarchaeology is deeply racist. It insists that non-European cultures were all "too primitive" to have accomplished anything. They must have been helped by extraterrestrials, or widely wandering Egyptians, Phoenicians, and so on. Some mysterious and sophisticated White people built impressive structures before being killed off and replaced by primitive invaders. Or, as the Book of Mormon describes it, a wandering tribe of Hebrews descended into savagery. Fantastic Archaeology describes and debunks the fakes and bigots.

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