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Trusts and monopolies cartoon from https://www.loc.gov/resource/ppmsca.27589/, published in in 'Puck', v. 66, no. 1711 (1909 December 15)
Mike Myers as Austin Powers, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mike-Myers-Austin-Powers-1-.jpg

Mike Myers the actor, from Wikipedia

DURING THE EARLY twentieth century, the Chinese civil service examinations became in China, as well as elsewhere, a symbol of the failure of the Chinese dynastic state and the backwardness of Chinese society. Chinese intellectuals saw the examinations as an obstacle to modernization, to the spread of modern science and technology, and to democratization and the broadening of education to the population at large. The “eight-legged essay” (baguwen), one of the genres tested in the examinations, was then typically singled out as the embodiment of a system that had forced millions of students to mindlessly memorize classical texts and reproduce them in calligraphic writing in a strictly parallel format that left no space for individual creativity and curricular innovation.


What's the Point of Asymmetric Encryption?
Asymmetric encryption is often described as useful for "small messages", but that's misleading. They're only applied to symmetric keys and hash values, strings of no more than a few hundred bits.


How Not to Get a Job
Cybersecurity certifications are little more than a mechanism for the certifying companies to make a lot of money.