M-209 cipher machine.


Proxy Encryption

Proxy encryption architecture

SDN or Software Defined Networking

This might be called NFV or Network Function Virtualization, but SDN is used more often.

SDN architecture

VPC or Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual private cloud architecture


SAML architecture

As an example of how these web authentication mechanisms can work in general, I get email from the U.S. Postal Service from time to time. They are not using SAML, but...

The email message directs me to:


I copy that and paste it into the Chrome location bar. I am redirected from informeddelivery.usps.com to reg.usps.com, asking for the LoginAction_input resource with two variables set, app and appURL:

                                                                    :  /  /                           /     /       /        /                       ?         = 

Notice that the appURL variable is set to the original URL, with the ":", "/", "?", and "=" characters encoded as %3A, %2F, %3F, and %3D respectively.

That takes me to a page with forms to enter my user name and password. With those successfully submitted, that page redirects me to the original destination: