Palace of the People in Bucharest, Romania; Romanian local train pulls into Gura Humorului; Painted churches in Moldova, Bucovina, north eastern Romania.

Travel in Romania


Romanian is a Romance langauge. That is, it is based on Latin, like French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Anything you know of those languages will be an enormous help in finding your way around in Romania, especially once you know how the spelling specifies pronunciation that you might not have expected.


a     As in cut
ă     As in ago
â     As in French deux
e     As in set
i     As in meet within a word, but...
-i     Almost always silent at the end of a word, as in Bucureşti or Nadia Comăneci
î     As in French deux


c     As in cat in ca-, că-, câ-, cî-, co- and cu-,
as in chat in ce- and ci-.
See Nadia Comăneci, pronounced as an English speller would write Komanech.
ch     Like "k" in che- and chi-
g     As in go in ga-, gă-, gâ-, gî-, go-, gu-, and gh-,
as in George in ge- and gi-.
Compare to c, both "soften" before e and i.
j     As in pleasure
ş     As in ship
ţ     As in cats

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