Cybersecurity Basics:
Don't Trust Shared Computers

Never Sign In On Shared Computers

Never use a computer you do not own to sign in to any account, especially computers in hotel lobbies or other public settings.

Seriously. Just don't.

Using the earlier advice about password managers, you should have your many accounts compartmentalized, each with its own unique and complex password. But you don't want to give away bits and pieces of your collection of accounts, even the "less important" ones.

Shared computers are frequently infected with key-logging software that collects all accounts and passwords and sends them to criminal gangs.

Sure, use the hotel's computer. Check the weather forecast. Print out Google maps or Wikipedia explanations of what you're going to see in your day's explorations from the hotel. Just don't ever sign in to any account from a shared PC in the hotel lobby.

See the safe Road Warrior section later for how to safely sign in when you're away from home.

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