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Cyberwar — Myanmar


November 2010 — Just before the closest thing to an election in over 20 years, Myanmar's primary Internet service provider, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, was taken down with a massive distributed denial of service attack.

Myanmar's MPT was limited at the time to one 45 Mbps T3 connection to the outside world, mostly via IPTel (AS 45419). The November 2010 attack was estimated at almost 15 Gbps, a few hundred times the available capacity.

This is much larger than the 2007 DDoS attacks against Georgia (estimated at 814 Mbps) and Estonia.

Arbor Networks' report summarizes it as in this table.

Maximum 14.58 Gbps 4.89 Mpps
Average 1.09 Gbps 576.96 Kpps
Duration 2 days, starting 0120 Tue 2 Nov UTC
Attack vectors 85% TCP SYN/RST, 15% flooding