Pen used to write brilliant movie pitches.

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It's like "Everyone Hates Chris", except the entire family belongs to the Black Panther Party.

LEAVE IT TO HECTOR [historical drama]

Paris, a young warrior whose thick, lustrous and wine-dark hair gave him a nickname of "The Beaver", falls in love with a girl named Helen who lives next door to the irrascable Achilles Haskell.

When The Beaver brings the girl over to the Cleaver's suburban home and hides her in his tree-fort, Achilles declares open warfare.

Hector, nicknamed "Wally", tries to stick up for his younger brother. But in an unexpected twist, Achilles not only kills Wally but then drags his mutilated body around the Cleaver home behind his bicycle. The Cleaver patriarch Priam is devastated.


NOT HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER [fratricidal drama]

Two mischievous sons of the ultimate ur-parents in the original murder mystery.

Wally, the older boy, is proud of the vegetable garden he is growing in the Cleaver's back yard. But his younger brother Beaver has a pet rabbit who escapes its cage and eats most of the vegetables.

The enraged Wally suggests to Beaver that they go out to the backyard and inspect the damage. While Beaver leans over the destroyed garden, Wally kills him with a blow to the back of the head with a shovel. He quickly buries his brother's body in a hole already dug for that purpose.

June calls the boys in to dinner but only Wally appears. Ward becomes frustrated with Beaver's tardiness and asks Wally where his brother is. Wally replies, "I don't know, am I my brother's keeper?" So Ward begins to investigate....

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