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THE JENNY MCCARTHY HEARINGS [current events / news / commentary]

Hosted by the bubbly blond great-niece of the infamous Wisconsin senator.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a partier??


CHEECH AND CHUNG [current events / news / commentary]

From Edward R Murrow, to "Uncle Walter" Cronkite, through the Brokaw-Jennings-Rather trimuvirate, to today's alleged "polar opposites", American "news" has been dominated by a male and white (largely Anglo-Saxon) view that does not necessarily fully address the day's topics from all relevant viewpoints.

That's why America is ready for CHEECH AND CHUNG, a hard-hitting mix of reporting the day's news (the first 5-10 minutes) followed by reportage, commentary, and interview (the remaining 25-20 minutes) by Cheech Marin and Connie Chung. Not only do they report the day's news in a fresh new way, they bring insight from the "overlooked minorities" including east Asians and Hispanics.

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