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Learning Greek

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και = and
ή = or
κι = to, also, and
αν = if
κι αν = and if
αν και = although, though, even though
άρα = so, thus, therefore
αλλά = but
ενώ = while, whereas, as (logic)
καθώς = while, as (during)
όταν = when
όποτε = whenever, at any time
οπότε = therefore, so

ωστόσο = nevertheless, yet
όμως = however
ωστόσο = however
κι όμως = and yet
επειδή = because
μήπως = maybe
λοιπόν = well, so
άρα = so
δηλαδή = in other words, that is, so
ότι = that
πως = that
λοιπόν, ... = well, ...
και λοιπόν; = so what?

εξαιτίας σου = because of you
λόγω = because of
και κοιπόν = so what
γιατί όμως = but why
κι εγώ κι εσύ = both you and I
επειδή αυτός πίνει = because he drinks
καθώς τρέχω, τρέχεις κι εσύ = while I run, you run too
αυτός γράφει ότι θέλει ένα πουκάμισο = he writes that he wants a shirt
τρώω όταν εγώ θέλω = I eat when I want
εγώ παίζω όποτε εγώ θέλω = I play whenever I want
όχι, αλλά το θέλω = no, but I want it
αν είσαι ψηλός, μπορείς = if you are tall, you can
λέμε πως τον βλέπουμε = we say that we see him
λες πως δεν το θες; = do you say that you don't want it?
Καθώς τρέχω, τρέχεις κι εσύ. = While I run, you run too.